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Alexander Johnson

About Alexander

Alexander Johnson is a British entrepreneur, public speaker and performance & leadership specialist.

Alexander founded several companies in a range of industries, from financial services to technology, through to beauty and wellness. He contributes to various advisory boards and management teams as a business strategist.

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Business Performance

Do you want to improve your business performance?

Get the right knowledge to help you re-evaluate your strategy and to stay ahead of competition by taking your business to new heights.

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Personal Life

Do you want to improve your personal life?

Sometimes you may feel accomplished but unfulfilled. We can all go from wherever we are to wherever we want to be. Discovering your purpose and realising your potential will help you achieve the wonderful life you envision.

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Serial Entrepreneur

Alexander Johnson re-establishes the foundation of who you are and he makes that hurricane-proof. He builds on that, allowing you to expand your knowledge of yourself and your potential.”

Michael Silver

Leading Figure in English Football for Over Three Decades

Alexander Johnson’s gift is unique, he combines a complete mental and physical approach, fusing different disciplines to gold plate his conditioning programme. His technique means that he can condense into hours what others might take weeks to achieve. I have dealt with some of the best experts around, over a lifetime of top-level football, so when I see something of quality it stands out. Working with him is a smart move and I look forward to seeing the international impact that he will now make.”

Alan Pardew

Growth Potential

Alexander’s performance and leadership resources offer new insight, perspective and vision to guide you to success and prosperity. His individually-tailored methods will expand your thinking and offer new self-development ideas relevant to your skills, talent and field of work.

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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

As a business strategist, Alexander focuses on the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship and the mentality of success. He has consulted several CEOs and boards of directors on development plans for improvement - both personal and professional. He has spent several years focussing on research, shadowing global industry leaders and consulting with Fortune 500 CEOs specifically for this purpose.

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Performance Management

Achieving high performance in tough times is a serious challenge for individuals and businesses alike. Learning new skills for professional and personal development facilitates self-improvement. It prompts personal satisfaction and helps achieve certainty and self-awareness. Our specialist training will help you overcome your fears head-on and find creative ways to achieve your goals while remaining disciplined and patient.

Business People

Lasting Leadership

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership is a skill to be learned and nurtured through observation, training and practice. By cultivating these, you are set to become an outstanding and inspiring leader and influence others to achieve greatness too. Having worked with many distinguished leaders in sport, entertainment and business, Alexander has observed their habits, behaviours and leadership styles. You too can learn to motivate people through skills and strategies used by the best and empower those around you.

Upcoming Events

Leadership Engineering 2018

26th–28th January, 2018

Leadership Engineering is a live 3-day event designed by Alexander Johnson to help you break free from your negative cycles and achieve the right mindset to accomplish your objectives and take control of your life. Learn how to find out what’s holding you back to approach change from the right perspective.

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Posted October 2017

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