Alexander Johnson


Alex Johnson is a British entrepreneur, university lecturer, film producer and actor.

About Alex

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Business Growth Advisor

Alexander is a leading business advisor, delivering courses at the University of Oxford and speaking internationally to businesses and CEOs.

Alexander is a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford, delivering courses in Leadership & Entrepreneurship, and Business Growth to postgraduate students. He is driven to develop young talent and to give students with substance the exposure they deserve.

A sought-after business advisor, Alexander helps companies transition through acquisitions, venture capital raises and the IPO process.

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Whisky Cask Company

Founder & Director

The Whisky Cask Company was formed by Alexander to close the gap between producers, brokers and investors. With the high growth seen in whisky over the past five years, now is the perfect time to bring new opportunities to private investors and connect distilleries to new sources of investment.

The company also plans to invest £50 million into rebuilding the oldest distillery in Scotland to bring its own premium Scotch to market.

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Annandale Group

Founder & Director

Alexander is founder, CEO and chairman of Annandale Group, an investment group with a broad portfolio across finance, real estate, media, food, beverages and hospitality.

The vision is simple — to solve complex problems using innovation, creativity, technology, and talented people. Annandale’s success comes from envisaging how best to deploy resources, and having the flexibility to adapt to changing markets.

Annandale is made up of a talented group of individuals who create unique business plans that provide stable investment structures for our portfolio companies.

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Invest Clear

Founder & Director

Invest Clear is an online capital introduction platform providing cross-sector private investments to high-net-worth and sophisticated investors.

The FCA-regulated company headquartered in Knightsbridge prides itself on transparency and putting investors first. All of Invest Clear’s investments go through a comprehensive due diligence process, and all of the team’s activities encapsulate the Annandale group’s ethos of creativity, high technology, and innovation.

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The London Film & Media Company

Founder & Director

Alexander started The London Film and Media Company to create cutting-edge films on subjects underserved by the mainstream. After studying acting, he became immersed in the whole film-making process and was inspired to take his studies further as a director and producer.

The company seeks close collaborations with talented writers and directors to develop and produce screenplays, films and documentaries.

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