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I often get asked to share what habits, routines or systems I use to stay in shape while also being able to commit time and energy to my different business interests.

First of all a small note on working smart at the same time as working hard. If tasks can be delegated with cost efficiency then they should be. If technology can be used then use it. For example, I have some real estate interests and I decided to hook them all up with cameras. This meant I can now see what works are completed and within what time periods. For anyone who works in real estate this is a definite point of contention when you have a team on site and progress isn’t being made.

I usually start my day around 5:30/6am. My father instilled in me this ethos of pursuing the day and getting at it early so when others are just waking up you have already done so much. I like to shower right away and be ready for the day, it helps me wake up, I have hot showers but I like to finish them cold for the health benefits of this. Then I turn to the holy nectar – coffee, I fill my flask and I head straight out with my dog for a brief morning walk, we are only out for about 15 minutes or so depending on the weather. I don’t listen to podcasts or anything like this while I’m out, it’s nice to take in the life around you sometimes. I like to drink a litre of water upon rising. I picked this habit off of a doctor friend of mine who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to longevity. I also believe the coffee dehydrates you so taking in the water is going to help combat this. You’ll have more energy through the day and will feel more alert.

I then like to read the news on my Ipad, I use flipboard because I find it simple to use and I’m able to see the news I’m interested in. I try not to ever show any political views in the news sources I choose otherwise you will start to get more and more news which just agrees with you. I’m not reading to find confirmations, I’m reading to learn and sometimes that means being challenged. I also look at emails and make a bit of a to do list for the day ahead.

This is usually followed by more coffee and water, I like to fast until lunch time, also for the health benefits my doctor friend has recommended to me. I find this helps to keep me alert. I might also have a BCAA drink or two. These are great for helping to maintain muscle, especially when fasting. The morning is usually for meetings or completing work related tasks. If I think of today for example I have two scheduled calls with the CEO’s of businesses I have invested in as well as a few web elements I want to write myself such as this article. I believe there is so much power in reading so I also try to make time to read more into specific areas where I feel it’s valuable to gather more knowledge. I might also have a meeting out so I will drive or take a bus. As a personal preference, I never take the tube and prefer instead to walk or cycle and if not drive or take a bus.

Just before lunch, I like to do some steady-state fat-burning cardio. I have a cross-trainer at home so I usually do 35 mins keeping my heart rate at 135 BPM. For lunch I like to meet a friend of mine who lives nearby, we usually go to my house where I will make protein shakes and oatmeal with a drizzle of honey. I used to eat out a lot more but find the quality of what you can make at home much better. I like to know what I’m eating and save eating out for more special meals. It’s also easy with my friend as we have co-invested into some real estate projects together so we can always review a new project at the same time.

For those who asked the oatmeal if made with water, it’s usually two sachets of the M&S gluten-free porridge oats they do. I make it with water and have 15ml of honey (and yes I measure the honey to make sure I don’t trick myself into having too much).

The Protein shake is as follows:

  • Frozen Banana: 300g approx;
  • Ice;
  • Water;
  • Vanilla Extract: just a dash;
  • Cinamon powder: generous dash;
  • Nutmeg: just a dash;
  • Optimum Nutrition HydroWhey Chocolate flavour or their Caramel flavour is good too. Two scoops.

The key is to not make it too liquidy, I like to keep it as a thick milkshake like texture. I also take some supplements and I will do a separate article on that and explain why I’m taking each different one.

After this I might have more meetings but generally speaking I will head to the gym at some point in the afternoon where I will work out for about an hour to hour and a half. This will consist of 10 mins warm up and mobility work, 40 minutes workout focussing on two main muscle groups (Today I will do chest and triceps) followed by 20 minutes of cardio.

Straight after I leave the gym I like to get my next meal in and try to have the rest of my carbs for the day during this time period. This maximises the muscle gains from working out, fuel what you’ve damaged.

The rest of the day could be another meeting or a lot of phone calls. I always have an airpod in my ear and try to do as much on the phone as I can.

Evening time it really depends, I might have a social event so I will be out for dinner or if I’m home I like to cook and make something balancing being enjoyable to eat with being healthy and achieving whatever fitness goal I’m pursuing.

If I’m going out my favourite cuisines are Italian, Japanese or Austrian food. Austrian I know for most people is more unusual but for me growing up in Austria as a small child this food will always be a taste of my childhood. If you ever want a good schnitzel in London I recommend The Delaunay. For Japanese my favourite is Zuma or this great little place I don’t even know the name of in Maida Vale. For Italian I like to go to a secret little spot in Parsons Green which is the real deal called Gola. The final mention for what I would regard as a cheat meal by all accounts is pizza. Now I only like to do a cheat meal once every two weeks if I’m trying to lose some body fat and once every week if I’m trying to put on some muscle. I like two very different types of pizzas but for the real Roman italian pizza there is no better place than Delfino or for the New York Style pizza it’s all about Mulberry Pizza in Notting Hill.

In the evening I tend to finish work later usually working a bit more if I am home and not out and about. I might finish around 8 or 9 where I will then put my phone on charge and try to have a few hours off my technology. I prefer to just read or to watch a movie. This also means that if you get some email or call that would otherwise distract your thinking, it doesn’t then interrupt the quality of your night sleep. I tend to go to sleep around 11pm so I can be up at around 5:30 or 6 the next day.

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a leading educator and strategist