Alexander Johnson

Alexander is a Performance Advisor, multi-sector Entrepreneur/Investor, Real Estate Developer, Visiting University Lecturer and Public Speaker.

Alexander is a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford, delivering courses in Leadership & Entrepreneurship, and Business Growth to postgraduate students. He is driven to develop young talent and to give students with substance the exposure they deserve.

University of Oxford – MGIMO – Business Growth 2019

A sought-after business advisor, Alexander helps companies transition through acquisitions and venture capital funding rounds.
Being a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle and fitness, Alexander is also passionate about educating younger generations on nutrition and fitness. This encompasses Alexander’s approach towards entrepreneurship as a way of life which includes both mind and body for ultimate success.

“I want to help the hardest workers, the ones who will strive to achieve their goals and are not afraid of hard work. I would choose a hard worker over someone who was extremely intelligent any day of the week. Intelligence for the most part is not as important as a determined and consistent work ethic. I’m always on the hunt for talented individuals who want to put the hours in and believe in themselves. Working hard and working smart are two pieces, for years I would be up at 6am ready to work and I would be reading most nights to increase my knowledge until late in the evening. It’s not by accident that I learnt a lot in a small time period and I was never someone who would accept being average. I’ve enjoyed the work and I still do, it was a sort of fuel for me. I love to work my mind and my body to be goal orientated and to always learn new skills. We can always be growing our entire lives and becoming a better version of ourselves. I think this is one of the great aspects of life which makes the journey worth it.”

Alexander often sits on the boards of companies as a non-executive director or in some cases a non-executive Chairman lending his insights and strategies towards business growth or corporate finance.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with so many interesting companies. Sectors I never thought I would have any involvement in which have taught me so much and added so much to my life experiences. I would always encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to try lots of different things, never be afraid to fail, it’s how we learn about ourselves and about what we are really good at. For example in my case I’ve learnt that I’m better as a structurer and conceptualiser than I am as a business operator so over the years I’ve focussed on this and surrounded myself with talented individuals who are fantastic at running businesses on a day to day level.”

Having built a small real estate interest over the last 5 years, Alexander is also developing projects within this market sector.

“Real estate is by far the best market in the world. Like anything there is a process to uncovering where the greatest value is and targeting growth markets with greater opportunity. After this comes applying creativity, hard work and being consistent to find the right projects and to do quality due diligence.”

As a public speaker Alexander is travelling globally speaking at SIGEF (Tokyo), LuxPro (Monaco), Inspired (London) and other event groups sharing his strategies and initiatives.

“I love to speak at events and share value where I can. It’s a humbly experience to have your opinion valued and incredibly rewarding to touch people’s lives. I have students who write to me years after I’ve taught them and they share with me their experiences in business or personally and I’m always touched when I hear that they believe I have been a contributing factor to their success. The price of this is just unquantifiable and prior to getting into teaching and helping people, I never would have imagined how rewarding it is to me personally. I call it my soul food.”

Alexander is also active in a number of charitable causes. He focuses most of his charitable efforts towards The Royal Marines Charity as well as other charities focussed on helping troubled youths in the UK.

“I love two things when it comes to charities, helping those who want help and are willing to apply themselves and work hard. The second is giving people opportunities and making sure that they don’t lack the resources to get a fair shot and success in life. I think too much of where society falls over is not giving people much choice. For me what charities do is they give individuals options, it’s not to say all people will take the opportunities given to them but I believe we all deserve a fair chance at life.”
“One of the most rewarding experiences in life is helping someone and getting to see the impact of your help and care change someone’s life and then putting them in a position to take back control of their life and help either themselves or their family.”

“I’ve had the great privilege of being able to travel all over the world speaking at events and sharing insights and knowledge. I see the greatest pleasure one can experience in life as being the reason for positive change in another person’s life.”

“I will always be so incredibly grateful to those institutions and individuals who have trusted in my ability to deliver valuable and impactful knowledge; whether that be to a business or on an individual level.”

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