Alexander Johnson

Business Owner – Private Investor – Fund Manager

Personal Profile

Alexander Johnson is an entrepreneur, financier and corporate strategist.

Born in the UK, Alexander was raised between London and Kitzbuehel, Austria. After completing a degree in business and management at the European Business School and Kaplan University, Alexander launched various business projects. He later advised several American and European companies on corporate planning, investor relations and IPO placements. Alexander also worked closely with companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as a consultant and in 2012 he served as board director of Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, a waste-to-energy company operating in South Africa. At the time, he was cited as the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange.

“I’m excited about innovation, change and challenging set ideas. I want to give the right people the resources they need to bring strategy into action and see great companies emerge and go to market through our venture builder,” says Alexander.

Alexander Johnson deploys expertise across sectors and specialty areas, including real estate, technology, corporate finance, sustainable living, education, media, beauty, health and artificial intelligence.

Today, Alexander continues to consult larger companies on corporate strategy and growth prospects. In addition to his business ventures, Alexander actively supports the growing potential of solar energy worldwide and is involved in environmental causes for the protection of wildlife and the ocean.