6 easy habits for a better night’s sleep

Feeling tired throughout the work day makes high achievement nearly impossible. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or just don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your nightly rest, these easy to integrate habits can help you reach the state of slumber you need to get the most out of daily life.

Stick to a sleep schedule

Going to bed at the same time and performing a similar pre-sleep ritual can greatly improve your sleep schedule. By following an organised sleep schedule your body gets used to resting at a similar hour each night, making falling asleep easier. Routines before bed that induce relaxation such as reading, taking a bath, and enjoying a cup of herbal tea can also calm your mind down and encourage rest.

Limit your screen time

Phones, computers, laptops, and television before bed can be extremely detrimental to your sleep. The harsh blue light of these devices suppresses melatonin production, the chemical in your brain which aids sleep. Consider making your bedroom a screen free zone thirty minutes to an hour before shut eye.

Set the mood

Making sure your bedroom is a comfortable environment is key to a good night’s rest. Try investing in a good mattress and pillow suited to the position in which you sleep. Try not to work out of your bed during the day so it is a space solely reserved for slumber.

Manage stress throughout the day

If you’re all wired up with stress throughout the day falling asleep at night can be nearly impossible. To prevent negative thoughts racing through your mind just as you go to shut your eyes try practicing strategies throughout the day that manage stress. These can include meditation, physical activity, and breathing exercises.

Avoid eating or drinking irritating things before bed

Eating a large heavy meal before bed can cause a myriad of problems during sleep. One should be especially careful to avoid anything fatty, spicy, super sugary, or caffeinated as this can cause indigestion and acid reflux. Opt instead for something light like a piece of fruit with warm milk and honey.

Wake up on the right sleep schedule

When you wake up has a lot to do with how rested you feel throughout the day. Sometimes even when you get your full 8 hours you can still feel groggy in the morning. This is likely to do with your sleep cycles, which rotate in 90 minute periods and encompass everything from sleepiness to the REM dream state. Apps like Sleep Cycle can help you calculate exactly what time you need to set your morning alarm for based on when you go to bed, ensuring you wake up at the end of one of these cycles and feel fully refreshed.

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