How to take a holiday at home

Feeling the need to escape or get away from normal routine usually involves some sort of trip away from home. By physically moving away from life’s stresses and demands, we feel like we are freed of them, only to come back and suffer from the post-vacation blues.

What if we saw our own homes and cities as a place of sanctuary and restoration? That way we won’t feel that intense Monday or post holiday dread on returning. Our associations to our habitat can be more positive if we take the time to enjoy them and not just see them as a playground for work.

Take a holiday at home and increase your life enjoyment, personal and professional productivity, save some cash and keep the spark with your city alive.

1. Go to the museums or galleries you always recommend & never visit yourself

Visit those places you always tell visitors to see but miss out on yourself. Take a personal day and wander the Natural History Museum and Portrait Gallery, or visit the part of town that holds smaller, contemporary shows and private viewings and get inspired.

2. Take a walk or hike

Usually there’s a forest, mountain region, lake or ocean never too far away from inner city sprawl. Do some research and get out into nature either by a short drive, train ride or by bike. Pack a picnic and notice what’s almost on your doorstep.

3. Treat yourself to a day spa before a dinner alone in another part of town

Go for a full body massage or scrub and unwind in the sauna. You could be in Scandinavia! Relax in a robe and get your hair or nails done before dining at a restaurant you’ve always read rave reviews about but never been able to get a table at. There’s usually room for the intrepid solo diner.

4. Spring clean

It will make you feel super productive, successful, clear-minded and ready to tackle everything else. Promise.

5. Have a party

Celebrate throwing out old things and energies by bringing in the new. Make the most out of your inner city digs and invite new and old friends to mix, mingle, share ideas and get inspired.

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