Top online tools for productivity

We’d all like to use our time efficiently, whether it’s spending less time on social media, utilising lists or organising projects so we can stay on task. Measuring and understanding productivity turns abstract goals into achievable, actionable items for your day-to-day life. Any time you can decrease the time it take to complete a task or streamline a process, you’re increasing productivity. From a broader perspective, increasing productivity is the rare win-win, because it drives economic growth and improves the standard of living of an entire community – from government to business to consumer.

If there is a task to be done, rest assured there is a piece of technology that will help you do it better. By utilising these online tools you can maximise your talents and ensure you’ll positively grow as you achieve your goals. Below are 5 productivity tools to help you organise, track and bring your ideas to life

1) Momentum

Momentum is a simple habit tracker that lets you check off your goal habits from your iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac. It helps you declutter your life and reorganise your goals in a way that keeps you accountable and motivated. You can also set up reminders and create your own scheduling.

2) Notability

Notability is one of the most fully-featured note-taking apps.Iit allows you to record meetings, provide audio feedback, place screenshots and handwritten notes side-by-side, and supports PDF and images. It’s a great organisational tool for keeping all your notes in one place.

3) OfficeTime

OfficeTime is an integrated time management tool that allows you to see exactly how much money you’re earning per hour. It’s a motivator for productivity that also prompts you to stay on task.  

4) Trello

Trello is a useful collaboration tool. In a visually appealing way, it allows you to manage various projects and ideas with boards, lists and cards.

5) Evernote

It’s a free and easy way to store notes, ideas, projects and more. Its ethos is to collect, capture and share, and it helps you do just that.

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