Can I Help Grow Your Business?

Is it possible to alter your level of creativity? I believe the answer is yes. The reason why is that creativity is just a constraint in the way we think. You are asking your mind to think in more ways and in alternative ways than it would as a default. How do you do this? You trick the brain through systems and frameworks. I developed these over the years to help myself and now have been helping others to do the same.

The best way to help a business is to find solutions and discover new routes to value. I’ve never found a company where I couldn’t do this yet. The biggest obstacle to this is gaining the company or individuals’ trust. In the end, you need to be able to implement a plan and see it through. Having this kind of relationship with a company, particularly a new one you just start to work with is a very challenging prospect.

How do you work around this? Communication and quick wins. The way I like to work is to prove a small amount of value-added quickly so as to make sure that the company understands that my involvement is having a positive impact. After this, I then like to sit down and ask that the group commit to a longer-term plan. Often it takes several of these smaller wins to build that trust but in most cases, it’s possible to build towards a greater vision.

My experience and use to help others comes from the fact that I have travelled the path. I have used more than my fair share of consultants, I’ve had them try to steal from me, even in some cases steal the business. I’ve seen marketing consultants take my clients and sell them to my competitors all while still under retainer. It is amazing what some people will convince themselves is ok to do. What we need to do is plan for this type of behaviour as business owners and only work with people that you can instinctively feel you can trust. This instinct is the hardest thing to train and it can be very challenging to keep this voice consistent. Especially as we get busy and stressed when building a new enterprise or going through a period of growth.

Call me old school but I believe you can look someone in the eyes and see something extra, something hidden and know their nature to some extent. Honour and good ethics come before anything else in business. To win because you cheated is of no interest to me. It means I am a lesser version of myself and that I would not be good enough to win the right way. For me this isn’t winning, it is cowardice and because of that I have a strict code that I stick to and that I will not break for anyone. Work ethic, consistency, creativity, honour. This is why I have business partners who I see as an extension of my family and have been by my side for deal after deal. That is how relationships which last a lifetime are made.

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a leading educator and strategist