Clear & Uncompromising Vision

For years I struggled to find my way. Knowing what was best for me and what I was best suited for. Because it is a two way street, do what is best for you but let that meet with what is true to you. Let me explain why the two are different. We can believe something is best for us because the world around us is shouting in all these opinions on who we are, what we are capable of and what we want. Only you can truly know what you want, what you are capable of and what is really and truly best for you.

With this in mind you will achieve a crystal clear vision. I want you to picture your end goal, work out how much of it really you couldn’t achieve now. Many people put false limitations in the way of their progress so list the things that are stopping you in any way, shape or form from living that desired life. When you aspire, think carefully about what you want. Most people who work damn hard then realise once they reach their goal that they were either happiest before in the earlier stages of growing to that dream, or they realise that the dream is wrong for them. Achieving great things also takes time so have patience. Bill Gates has a quote that we overestimate what we can do in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in 10. The simple lesson in this is just about planning. Don’t rush to lease the car you can’t yet afford to buy without finance, this isn’t what smart people with money do. They buy real estate in steady growing markets, they build their security so they can think straight.

Vision comes from clarity of mind. Where do you get that? It’s very simple, by having a stable income, by having a small group of emotionally stable people around you who let you think for yourself and don’t push their agenda and they build passive income sources so if bad times ever befall on them they are still in control.

How do I know this? I made all the mistakes and it cost me a few years. Luckily it only cost me a few years because I quickly adapted and set myself on a better path. You can set yourself on a steady path from the beginning by taking on this advice and not having to make all these mistakes for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I was given all this advice by people before I made all these mistakes. I can be headstrong and arrogant. WHY? Because being arrogant is sometimes needed in business to take on all the doubters and haters who want to tell you what you can’t do. My real talent, my skill, I can ignore them and remain resilient, even after I fail, keep going and pushing to do great things. We are the only limit on ourselves, all external factors can be worked around with creativity.

Always remember that in life and in business there are always solutions to problems and the smartest people are those that are the most creative. They do the research (read read read!), they surround themselves with smart people who will give them the time to give them advice. Do the same and you will save yourself years.

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a leading educator and strategist