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Make a significant change in your life and work

Effective coaching enables both individuals and corporates to achieve positive behavioural change and reach their full potential.

Alexander’s coaching programme offers a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable you to achieve success in more than one area of your personal life or work.

Alexander has personally coached many prominent figures ranging from professional athletes and movie stars, to CEOs and heads of state. His events have facilitated successful change and are globally recognised for their positive contribution and unique approach. 

Alexander has empowered millions of people across all continents through his live and fully immersive experiences as well as his online transformation and awareness programmes. His experiential events are some of the most sought after in their space.

Why choose coaching?

  • Do you feel you've lost control over your life? Coaching improves morale, motivation and productivity.
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut? Coaching helps to gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges and enhance your decision-making skills.
  • Are you struggling with self-confidence? Coaching facilitates greater interpersonal effectiveness and increases your confidence.
  • Are you facing professional or personal challenges? Coaching provides the clarity to help you maximise your potential and achieve greater balance at home and at work.
  • Do you see a prevailing negative pattern? Coaching helps determine the obstacles and limitations that have stopped you from achieving your goals in the past.
  • Do you want to have more enjoyment in life? Coaching offers a strategy to accomplish your specific objectives that leads to fulfilment and happiness.

How our specialists will help you

  • We have an in-house team of dedicated and experienced life and business coaches
  • In just one session our results specialists will help you analyse your obstacles and objectives
  • Our team will offer strategic tools for your personal discovery, transformation and influence

“Alexander Johnson’s gift is unique, he combines a complete mental and physical approach, fusing different disciplines to gold plate his conditioning programme. His technique means that he can condense into hours what others might take weeks to achieve. I have dealt with some of the best experts around, over a lifetime of top-level football, so when I see something of quality it stands out. Working with him is a smart move and I look forward to seeing the international impact that he will now make.”

Alan Pardew

“Alexander Johnson re-establishes the foundation of who you are and he makes that hurricane-proof. He builds on that, allowing you to expand your knowledge of yourself and your potential.”

Michael Silver

“I always anticipate my meetings with Alexander. He has the remarkable gift of striking the right balance between sharing his knowledge and carefully listening.”

Manuel Perrotta, CEO, Fashion TV, United Arab Emirates

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