Business Bootcamp

Business Bootcamp
Learn how to catapult your business to new heights over the course of an all-immersive five-day bootcamp.

Business Bootcamp breaks down the innovative approaches of pioneering companies in different sectors to empower you with the knowledge you can apply immediately to understand where your business is now and how you can develop and deploy your own plan to achieve your goals. This live event is built on the ability to execute positive and meaningful change within your organisation.

It will help you understand the factors and variables affecting your business and realign your business strategy to become and remain competitive. Learn to identify external risks and turn both favourable and unfavourable economic factors into driving forces for lasting success. Assess which growth strategies are more appropriate for your business and discover the untapped potential of your resources. Discover where your resourcefulness is the issue and not your lack of resources.

Business Bootcamp is a five-day event designed specifically for existing and aspiring business owners to show them what they need to do to start, run and grow a business. Packed with immersive exercises, it encourages you to apply the knowledge gained to practice. Most importantly, you will learn how to correctly define your business and adapt it to your objectives.

Guest speakers with a wealth of experience in various industries of the business community will join Alexander throughout the five days of the programme. Their collective knowledge and research into business formation and sustainability will provide both individuals and organisations with insightful keynote speeches. Topics include global competitiveness, future trends, workplace relationships & communications, innovation, branding and many more.

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