Finding The Top People To Work With

Building a strong network around you of good people is really hard work. For years I struggled with this because I took for granted my own work ethic. I didn’t realise that wanting to wake up at 6am and training in the gym for two hours and then work a full day and still have energy for more in the evening to work late or pursue hobbies wasn’t normal. So when I started to build a team of people around me it was hard to find people who had that same drive and ambition.

The reality is that I had to go through a lot of people who were not right for me in order to find the hungry, motivated, ambitious, disciplined and consistent individuals. I’ve found some of those people and it’s fantastic to see that they have become successful partners in companies and in some cases very close friends.

The point of this article is about patience, to find those A level players you have to go through the B book and that can be frustrating. To watch someone do something not as well as you and take a much longer time to do it is very frustrating. The key to this then is to work out the time value of money and make sure that the task can be done to a good enough standard by someone else if it’s not essential you do it. A friend of mine once advised me: “Only do what only you can do”. I replied: “Yes and to the same standard” which is where the conundrum lays.

Here is the thing, through many of these B level players you will eventually funnel through to find the A players who you can make a lifetime business relationship with. In reality you only need a few of them. This is why you often see individuals leave big companies with a few colleagues at the same time. As a team they have certainty, they know their colleagues perform well and they know they have an opportunity as long as they work together.

If you are an entrepreneur and you haven’t already built that team then the best thing you can do is carefully monitor the quality of what others do and find the people who can replicate your example. Remember also, most people who don’t work hard naturally will very unlikely change their way of living and in many cases they don’t even know how to. If you want to change their life framework this is going to take a lot more.

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a leading educator and strategist