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Homelessness and our community

Homelessness simply shouldn’t exist. It represents a fundamental economic error within both our government as well as our community. The work of The Passage is beyond impressive as they work tirelessly regardless of circumstance on helping a very vulnerable and misunderstood part of our community.

A large amount of education is needed to understand that that there is a shortage of resources and ways for people to receive help.

London is not the only hub for this with increasing homelessness in Oxford. I’ve seen this first hand as year on year it continues to grow. This has a knock on effect on the rest of the community.

Not only this but additionally a large number of homeless are ex military who have given a great amount for their country and are not given the resources they need to re-socialise them back into civilian life.

Do not think that you are not part of the problem, by not helping and being involved and giving even a few hours of your time per week to great causes you are the problem. If one person can turn a blind eye because they think others can take care of it then this ripples through our society.

Take a walk around Victoria. I ask you to truly question whether you think it’s ok what’s happening there and what you could be doing to fix it?