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Innovation In The Face Of Failure

Life is full of doubters and haters. The sooner you accept that the easier life will become. It is incredibly easy to sit at home and do nothing and take no risk. People like this choose not to be creative and strive for a better world, they instead just hate on others. Forget them, they will drag you down if you put mental energy on these negative people.

Failing is natural and it happens to all of us. The important thing is to never give up on good things. Giving up doesn’t mean being stubborn, it means mastering innovation. Your greatest weapon is the creative part of your intellect, this is the part that can problem solve and think its way out of most issues. Most of us underutilize this part of our mental capacity. I have a framework you can use which I find very useful for finding solutions to things. I start with a very open perspective meaning I take away all constraints: time, money, likelihood, complexity and I first make a list of everything that would be a solution regardless of whether it is a good one or an efficient one. This gives me a breadth of information and ideas and helps to open up my mind. I like to draw this as a mindmap. I think visualising ideas is a fantastic way of expanding on our short term memory, think of it like using a pen and paper to solve a complex math problem but for creative stimulus. It’s useful and powerful when put in action.

I like to brainstorm these ideas, discussing them opening usually with 1 or 2 colleagues I trust but on an individual basis. This allows me to think about the problem. Finally, I don’t search for perfection, I search for ease of execution in an idea to ensure its safe delivery.

So next time you think about giving up, ask if you’ve really tried to do it smartly. Giving up on things that don’t make sense or can’t be adapted into something that works isn’t bad or wrong. It’s just about making sure you can use your time effectively and you don’t squander precious time on things that aren’t going to come right.