4th October 2018

Viderium Director’s Talk Inspires Leading Business Professionals at CIPD Conference

Viderium company director, CEO and Johnson Research Partner Ross Archer gives a talk on motivational techniques used by businesses and entrepreneurs for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Conference at Kensington’s Millennium Gloucester Hotel.

The conference was attended by leading business professionals from a variety of different sectors and contained such topics as; using behavioural science to form productive and strong partnerships, managing mental energy to maximise productivity and using behavioural science to align personal goals with organisational objectives to inspire a motivated workforce.

Attendees were very engaged and energised by the topics discussed. It was a great response to an interesting topic, hopefully this can enable people to engage their workforce more effectively to produce better results.

Conference contributors included the Department for Work and Pensions, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Johnson Research.

Johnson Research is an independent and fully-collaborative think tank that publishes research and hosts conferences to help combat persistent global challenges and create initiatives for actionable change. Johnson Research collaborate with financiers, thought leaders, scientists and innovators to gather and distribute findings that aid social issues globally.

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