Our Vessel

Our body is our vessel, we only have the one to see us through potentially 100 years of life. I grew up with a father who had continuous health issues mostly because he refused to adjust his diet, do regular exercise or pick up on problems earlier. It’s a generational issue as I see friends with parents who are the same. Many of that generation just prefer to not address certain things.

What I’m grateful for from the worry this brought me over the course of my life is that it made me a very health-conscious person. I work out most days, I learnt an incredible amount about fitness and nutrition and I also took on the advice of many professional trainers and coaches. The knowledge I accumulated was expensive and time-consuming but sometimes that’s what you have to go through in order to achieve a high level of proficiency.

I also have noticed that as I take care of my health more efficiently I also become better in business. The mind-body balance is such a powerful thing. The ancient Greeks believed that to stretch the mind to its maximum potential you had to also stretch the body. They believed that as we are all made up of organs and tissue if you increase the efficiency of certain body groups you also helped support the others. Although there are clear limitations on this as we have seen in even recent history some of the brightest minds having extreme illnesses, I still believe working the two of them together will allow you to live well and work towards your goals even as you go into your senior years. Even short term better nutrition, better sleeping patterns, less stress, they all help us stick to our goals and be happier people. It’s in this regard that meditation is so powerful, this is the bridge between mind and body, the connector. I would encourage every person to implement this in their life with tools like apps like calms, it’s life-changing if done properly.

You will see on one of my podcasts that I interview Dr Greg Bailey, an extremely intelligent and successful doctor and entrepreneur. His research is all based around longevity and trying to help us not only live longer but also be healthy for longer. I would encourage you to have a listen to the podcast if you have the time. One of the most interesting points in it is how we are living so much longer than we used to but actually we are spending many many more years in poor health. The challenge we all face is to take care of our bodies so as to try our best to either avoid or delay certain ailments.

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and this came as a huge shock to all of my family. I personally was very affected by this and much of the emotional pain I felt I did not easily find a way to channel this and gain a release. Luckily a year has passed and her chemotherapy has been very successful. She must now just be careful and follow through with her immunotherapy. All of our family now go for a PET scan every 5 years to check on our bodies and try to see if we have any risks. I want to be clear I am not giving medical advice, I’m just sharing some changes we made as a family to be safer in light of the circumstances.

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a leading educator and strategist