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Discover our full range of online and in person events and courses. All of our programmes are carefully researched and created by professional educators. They are all made to be highly practical to allow you to put them into day to day action.

All of our programmes contain video, audio and written content to make sure that you get to learn and experience the way that you prefer.

We see ourselves as a community who put our members first. It takes a lot of energy and tenacity to make changes or to trigger success but together we can be focussed and supportive.

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I Want To Help The Hardest Workers, The Ones Who Will Strive To Achieve Their Goals And Are Not Afraid Of Hard Work…


Why these programmes?

In the search for accurate and concise knowledge we are often driven to the conclusion of participating in high quality, value for money programmes. 100’s of hours of research has gone into each of these programmes to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards and deliver the most impact for participants. Alexander Johnson has built a first class reputation as an educator and speaker by producing content and frameworks that really make a difference. Don’t solely rely on what we tell you, instead look to our previous clients, their success and their endorsement of our programmes.

Fully Supported online learning

Our programmes are now available in a complete digital format providing an online experience and e-learning structure that is accessible from anywhere in the world. The idea is that you can structure this programme around your own time constraints. We do release content in a structured manner as the course goes on in order to allow our participants to not feel overwhelmed. We have also found from previous life testing that this ensures the best experience and absorption of the content.


Our program is for anyone who is looking to grow their wealth significantly. Whether you’re working in the city or working from home, looking to holiday at better resorts or looking to set yourself up for retirement, this course is accessible to you. Everything you need to know about growing and managing your wealth is covered in your extensive and in-depth course. We’re talking the basics through to the more advanced ideas that set you apart from the rest. The focus is always on what you need to do to grow your wealth, and that makes it the perfect course for:

ALAN PARDEW | Leading Figure in English Football for Over Three Decades
“Alexander Johnson’s gift is unique, he combines a complete mental and physical approach, fusing different disciplines to gold plate his conditioning programme. His technique means that he can condense into hours what others might take weeks to achieve. I have dealt with some of the best experts around, over a lifetime of top-level football, so when I see something of quality it stands out. Working with him is a smart move and I look forward to seeing the international impact that he will now make.”

Customer Reviews

Ishita Malhotra

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

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Kylo James​

Fitness Instructor

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Ella Perez

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

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Elsie Ross

Software Developer

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This one’s easy: if you’re not looking to improve your standards of living, this course doesn’t have anything for you. If you are happy with the 0.05% interest rate on your savings account, then you don’t need to worry about this. If you don’t want to learn new skills, or invest time and learning to improve your future, then probably don’t get this. If you’re afraid to try new things, then why are you even reading this? This course isn’t for procrastinators, settlers, this’ll do-ers, or the indecisive. This is for people who see room for improvement, and are happy to take an opportunity by the horns.

At present the course is only available in english. We are however monitoring requests in several other languages and will periodically review these to make sure we continue to meet demand in other languages.

Absolutely not. The course is purely educational in nature. It is designed to empower you with a highly detailed set of frameworks and techniques that can be used for the purposes of life enhancement and wealth creation and preservation. There is no guarantee that by following this programme you will achieve greater financial success. This course also does not constitute any form of financial advice.

No, we have participants who have a varied array of backgrounds. The course is designed to be completed taking into account many different backgrounds and levels of knowledge. Participants with a high level of financial experience or knowledge are recommended to choose the professional programme.

• Shortly after completing your purchase you will be sent a unique link to our customisation system. This is where you will be asked to fill in a form for elements of the course which are hyper-personalised around your specific goals and circumstances;

• Week 1 content is considered an induction which is lighter than the rest of the content which becomes much more extensive. This is to allow you to become familiar with the learning platform and to learn best how to structure your time committed to the programme. • The first 6 weeks commence with a series of guides and cheatsheets which are considered mandatory reading as part of the programme in order to allow its success;

• You will also immediately begin our voice mentoring system which should be followed strictly on a daily basis in order to ensure the programme is best enjoyed;

• You will be given access to your unique e-learning suite where you will have a host of audio, video and written course modules to work through and put into practical application.



Information is everything and the challenges we face have dramatically changed over the last 50 years as a society. We went from having a struggle to find information at all to having information in abundance.

The result of which is an entirely new set of problems as we struggle to filter through all of the information in order to stay focussed and not get confused. What we have experienced in the last 10 years is the dawn of misinformation. A struggle to find sources that we can trust and will provide a clear path for us to develop either ourselves or our businesses.

As such the importance has been greater than ever to find first class educational resources that are carefully tailored around the client’s needs. The entire team here at Johnson Research have worked extremely hard to create courses that deliver a truly exceptional educational experience. The method and approach puts first the need to create a rock solid bridge between the theoretical and the practical applications of each individual discipline.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to teach or consult at some of the arguably greatest institutions and corporations in the world. My own personal journey is one where I love to challenge myself, to expand not only my knowledge base but also my way of thinking and the techniques that I will adopt to better unlock value.

We would love to make you part of our community. It is never easy to enact change or to fully grasp complex concepts but with dedication and focus you really should realise that your potential is truly great.

Let’s begin the process of taking our lives to the next level now!

Live with passion!

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