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Staying Full For Longer

When we cut/diet/calorie restrict we can end up pretty hungry. Macros dictate how much of what we can eat. But nothing changes the fact that some foods are more filling than others. For example, a slice of white bread will not make you feel full at all but will eat into how many carbs you should have within the day. A sweet potato or a bowl of porridge will fill you up with only a relatively small amount of carbs leaving you full for longer but also with room to eat more later in the day. One of my favourite go-to easy meals is sweet potato toast. Its very simple, you slice a sweet potato like you would a loaf of bread. This creates a slice that you can literally put in the toaster. Usually you have to toast it two or even three times but if you watch it you can get it just perfect and a little crispy. Then I like to add lots of lean chicken to get my protein in and then I put lighter than light mayonnaise as well as some salsa. It’s a very filling snack or a few of them as a meal.

Another very satisfying quick meal is some scrambled eggs but made with just one regular egg and the rest with just egg whites (10 of them). The one whole egg still gives some regular scrambled egg texture but makes the meal much better balanced. I like to add some ham and pineapple to make a Hawaiian snack.

Finally water is going to help a lot and so will coffee. I fast in the morning and therefore when I eat which is between 2:30pm and 11:30pm I get to enjoy my food much more and have more substantial meals. I know a lot of natural bodybuilders and fitness models who do this to stay very cut all year round naturally, give it a try and see the benefits quickly.