Mental Burn Rate

Something that took me some time to fully grasp is the challenges we face with work bandwidth. What I mean by this is the amount of work we can realistically take on. Where I made a substantial miscalculation was the issues with legacy workload. We take on projects, build companies, contribute and add value but … Read more

The Royal Marines Charity

It was 6 years ago when I first spoke with a Royal Marine and he shared with me his incredible personal journey. I was astonished by his tenacity not only on the battlefield where he faced what was believed to be certain death, but also in his career that followed after he completed his service. … Read more

My Programmes At Oxford

In my own search for knowledge, I became an avid reader and attended many courses, events and talks to try and increase my knowledge. I was met with frustration because I felt that so much of the advice wasn’t based around the practical elements. Oxford University is not short of talent that’s for sure. They … Read more

The Venture Builder

Now, this is a very interesting concept and one which I have found very useful to learn about and adapt into my own. A venture builder is a concept whereby a group comes up with a business idea and then hands that idea to someone to run it and in response give equity with certain … Read more

Our Vessel

Our body is our vessel, we only have the one to see us through potentially 100 years of life. I grew up with a father who had continuous health issues mostly because he refused to adjust his diet, do regular exercise or pick up on problems earlier. It’s a generational issue as I see friends … Read more

A Day In My Life

I often get asked to share what habits, routines or systems I use to stay in shape while also being able to commit time and energy to my different business interests. First of all a small note on working smart at the same time as working hard. If tasks can be delegated with cost efficiency … Read more