Staying Full For Longer

When we cut/diet/calorie restrict we can end up pretty hungry. Macros dictate how much of what we can eat. But nothing changes the fact that some foods are more filling than others. For example, a slice of white bread will not make you feel full at all but will eat into how many carbs you … Read more

The Energy Around You

Our outlook on life dictates our outcome. Remaining positive and having the strength to see things through takes real courage. Not the instant courage that can be seen in a battlefield but the courage over a prolonged period of time to not be afraid to fail. Many of us are so scared of failure that … Read more

The Foods I Live By

Here is a list of some of the foods I think are the most powerful for your body. I include these in my weekly meal choices. Strawberries Coffee Ginger Garlic Fish Oil Oats Steak Olive Oil Turkey Eggs (and particularly egg whites) Protein shakes (It’s just such as easy way to hit your daily protein … Read more

The Time Is Now

I’ve had the great privilege and honour of getting to speak at some amazing events around the world and to teach some really smart people at top institutions. Oxford University was a game-changer for me, it was an opportunity to teach an entirely different type of student and witness my teaching really get put into … Read more

Made in the Mountains

I grew up in Kitzbuhel in Austria. A beautiful town in the mountains of the Tyrol, truly a magical place and home to the most famous downhill ski race in the world – The Hahnenkamm. It is for skiing what the Monaco GP is for motor racing. Growing up there I had a very traditional … Read more

Homelessness and our community

Homelessness simply shouldn’t exist. It represents a fundamental economic error within both our government as well as our community. The work of The Passage is beyond impressive as they work tirelessly regardless of circumstance on helping a very vulnerable and misunderstood part of our community. A large amount of education is needed to understand that … Read more