The Royal Marines Charity

It was 6 years ago when I first spoke with a Royal Marine and he shared with me his incredible personal journey. I was astonished by his tenacity not only on the battlefield where he faced what was believed to be certain death, but also in his career that followed after he completed his service. We use the word service because the work of these great men and women has a systemic impact on our very way of life. They protect what we hold most dear, our liberties, our way of life and our future generations. Every action taken is with the pursuit of preserving and enhancing our country and our way.

What I realised from this experience and what has become even clearer to me in subsequent experiences is that these amazing men and women have discovered a set of skills that are mentally configured to allow them to overcome obstacles. Like all of us focus and application can be lost when the subject matter to which these skills and attributes are applied, is changed.

I began to focus my own attention on trying to understand exactly how the Royal Marines are able to mould a young civilian into such a dedicated and determined professional. I began to question the nature/nurture aspects behind such a way of being or morphing for that matter.

I have served as a member of the development committee for the Royal Marines Charity, granted with varying levels of activity due to my own commitments, but through this I have had insight into the people behind these marines who help to support their future civilian career paths and also the families of marines.

I have spent time at the Royal Marines Training base where I have seen first hand the compassion that is instilled in their way of life. It is beyond impressive and I am proud to be able to be involved in helping these exceptional human beings.

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a leading educator and strategist